And the great news is….

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

… Dee and I will be back for another round! The third Shannon Wallace book, Crooked Angel, has been accepted by Red Rose Publishing.

If it has been TOO long since you read of our escapades, you can get the first two on Kindle! Check out Kim Smith’s website, or blog for details!

The date when the book will be available is still pending but check back! we will let you know 😛 !


Getting going again

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whew… what a long hiatus we have taken from the blog… don’t worry it is all Dwayne’s fault (as usual!) — but you will be happy to know that ole Kim Smith has finished with the next (third) Shannon Wallace mystery book and it is in the hands of the publisher.

If you are a praying sort… would you mind, you know…?

That Kim Smith is working on the next Shannon Wallace book! Don’t you dare go anywhere!!

Come on and check out book two in my …. ergh… series…?


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Buy Link, Excerpt, blurb :
Thought you might be interested in knowing a little about the books that Kim Smith person has written about me. Here is the cover and info for book one in my series. ha! MY series. Sounds weird.


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All my photos for a recent wedding that Dwayne and I shot are gone. The computer ate them! He is going to kill me!!

*who is this woman and why is she so angsty? check out the Shannon Wallace Mystery series from Kim Smith at

That Kim Smith

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…has gotten an article published!
Kim Says : thanks to my recent book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotions, my article was picked up by the Chicago Sun Times.