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…too long since anyone has been in here. I used to keep a lot better diary when Dwayne and I were in college. Now? I am lucky to take a daily shower. Yuck! But anyway.

If you have been with us all these years then you should know that the third book in our series is in an editors hands and soon we will be off and running on a new adventure.

The book is called Crooked Angel and it has more twists and turns than a mountain road. Dee is pretty mean to me in it too. And surprise surprise Sal is a lot nicer. Oh and you finally get to meet my bestie, Katie.

Our author, Kim Smith, is even now planning out the next book. She got a
Contract or something.

So. If you wanna be in the fourth Shannon Wallace mystery then you have to post a comment on here and friend me on Facebook (if you aren’t already). That’s it!

And thanks for being interested in the lives of two weirdoes like us.


That Kim Smith is working on the next Shannon Wallace book! Don’t you dare go anywhere!!

Come on and check out book two in my …. ergh… series…?

Changed the theme. You like? Me too. Says a lot about a person when they can wear pink. Loud.

So… today is the first day of the rest of the year for me at the old bloghole. Kim(that author lady) has a book tour going on and it kicks off here PUMP UP YOUR BOOK and she says if people post comments, they can win free stuff. SO maybe you should go check it out?

Dwayne and I will wait here while you do that.

South Lake is just like any
other small town in Mississippi. Every one goes put to eat at the local places breakfast lunch and dinner. I like this mostly because my aunts own a restaurant.

find out more about Shannon’s aunts and their eating place in the latest Shamnon Wallace mystery coming January 2010 at Red Rose Publishing

A job!

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Dee and I have been given an opp to do some nosing around for one of South Lake’s business people. I am truly relieved because we are sort of struggling. Video Angels is suffering from lack of business most days. It’s pretty unethical for us to do this sort of job, but we’re doing it anyway.

See what Shannon is talking about in her new adventure Buried Angel coming in January!

Come on over and find out why this little southern gal is talking to a big city cop…
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