Red light district of Amsterdam

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

The girls you see in the windows may or may not be their own boss. In any case, once you accept their invitation to go in, they will open the door for you and you will be told the rules, the price and the exact features of what you are getting. It’s a clean contract and both sides have to be respectful of the rules when they close the deal. You will probably have a time limit and specific requirements pertaining to the house. Follow the rules and your instincts and enjoy the freedom of legal, multi-cultural ass-getting in Europe’s most famous Red Light District. However, temptations are various. You can start yourself off with something light, such as an erotic show or a strip club. We suggest you check out the daily program at the Moulin Rouge, Casa Rosso and the Bananen Bar and Club.

When you are done with your heart’s desires, you can follow your cerebral urges and learn something while you’re here. The Sex Museum and the Erotic Museum may be two educational stops where you can update your BDSM history or cunnilingus art knowledge. And when you are done with this topic, you can move on to the hard-and-fast science of THC at the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum. Find out the full spectrum of using Jah’s gifts and their benign effects on daily human life. After the cerebral adventure makes you weary Amsterdam’s red lght district abounds with coffee shops where you can lean back, relax and enjoy what you’ve been learning about. And again, there is no need to feel sneaky about anything – purchasing and consuming hash and weed is legal in coffee shops, just don’t light up out of the blue in the street.


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