Valentines Day

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Blogroll, excerpt, Fun Stuff

From the diary of Shannon Wallace….


It’s only a word, right?

Except I keep thinking it’s a word I do not have in my life. Well, where a man is concerned anyway. Aunt Til and Aunt Nan will love me regardless. We’re family, it’s a requirement.

Dwayne thinks I should be more friendly with Sal. I think not. I mean a cop for a friend is one thing. A cop for a boyfriend, well, that’s another story.

But Sam Harper keeps telling me to trust Ramirez. I guess that cop brotherhood thing goes deeper than I know. He WOULD say that. He has to. They are both badgers.

Still, it would be nice to come home from the shop and see a man standing outside my apartment all dressed in sexy jeans and a button down with flowers filling his arms and a kiss all ready for me.

But I am afraid. Afraid of commitment, afraid of what happened the last time I gave my heart away. There is nothing quite so devastating as death. It’s so final.

So. This Valentines Day, I think I will just sleep in, stay in my PJs and watch old movies. Maybe I’ll make some popcorn. Maybe I’ll buy a big bag of candy and eat the whole thing.

  1. Sam Harper says:

    Shannon, sometimes life calls for a leap of faith. Trust me on this one. Who would have known that Friday the 13th was going to be my lucky day. Since you left me another message on I assume you know what I’m talking about.

    Hang in there, kid.

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